Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Weds 9th Sept: Penny Martin & Simon Foxton by Amy Gwatkin

It seems like a long time ago when Penny tipped me off about this event where curator would be in conversation with subject. I knew that I had to begrudgingly dismiss attending as it coincided with pre fash week slog but luckily Amy Gwatkin was on que to hot-step it down to The Photographer's Gallery. Even better than that, she agreed to cover it for the FBStyle blog so we wouldn't miss out entirely! Thanks Amy!

It was the nicest evening - a small, eager, and knowledgeable crowd; and an atmosphere more like an informal chat between 2 friends than any of the slightly stilted 'Q & mumbled A', which can so often be the case at artists' talks. Simon came across as a man with a genuine passion and intuition for what he's doing - in his words "I do it because I have to". It was refreshing to hear a sentiment I feel myself reiterated by someone I look up to so much! "I make the pictures that I want to make, and that's my choice". As Penny said, rather than chasing the dollar, he's stayed true to his roots in the fun, the playfulness and freedom of creativity, even when they're "difficult, provocative, challenging".

Ultimately the message Simon imparted was one of reassurance - I walked out feeling as though artistic and personal satisfaction really is valid, and does count for something in a culture/industry where success is measured so much in terms of money, and who you're working for/with, rather than the work you're actually making.

Penny is in many ways the perfect 'referee' for such an evening - inclusive, approachable, yet with an unabashed enthusiasm and scholarship (obvs!) for fashion imagery.

A smashing evening - Sally, Bella and I spilled out onto the pavement full of chatter and ideas...

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