Friday, 4 December 2009

Fri 4th Dec: National Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day

We all know I love Steve Lamacq.
So in honour to my fave radio disc jockey who got me through the tough times of teenage hood, Ive dedicated a day to his "National Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day".
Ive got a steady stream of snaps winging their way into my inbox, but here are the first six of my contributors looking fresh in their not-so-fresh t's.

Holly Mercedes Macdonald looking devine wearing her future husband Prince on her chest (NPG era Im its a fit the brief!)
Fumi Nagasaka live and direct from Japan, wearing Bowie here but also has Slayer, Nirvana and Ozfest in her suitcase
LIZ in No Bra........(No Bra a.k.a Suzanne who was coincidentally shot by Nick Knight yesterday for 100 portraits)
Wayne Adams in "a rather large, old and tired GnR tshirt from their worst album"
Danny Sangra in New Order
Will Broome looking gorgeous as always in AC/DC (not sure why I had to spell that out there, its bleedin obvious)

(Will Broome heard me on Steve's show a year ago, so I know he's an avid BBC6 listener like myself............its always a standard joke when people ring in that they are a graphic designer......not wishing to break the stereotype, I guess Will tunes into Lamo to soundtrack his illustration sketches..........*which have been put together in a NEW website* with a wicked flash animated panda on the homepage...........check it!)


Joseph S Nockles said...

Good day sir,

In a very exciting couple of minutes, I've just discovered you're on twitter and have a blog. I don't know why I ever assumed you wouldn't but it's great to discover nonetheless.

I've become aware of your work through Patrick Wolf and I think its brilliant. I look forward to being better informed of your work from here on in.


fredbutlerstyle said...

Thank you Joseph!
please spread the word.......

(but Im a dudette, not a dude.......)

Joseph S Nockles said...

Haha! I'm so sorry. That's a rather inexcusable feux pas.

Well, I'd love to write a piece on you at some point. Not sure for what outlet, but im currently a student journalist (one who apparently doesnt research people's gender before making first contact :-P ) and if you were up for it, I'd really enjoy profiling someone like you.

Anyway, I'll think about more concrete ideas and get back to you.

Joe x

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Ah Fumi, of course she has a selection of the best band tees!