Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sun 6th Dec: Jake Downs

On Another T-Shirt is one I made earlier. Or more precisely here is 1 of 3 from a limited edition merchandise commission that I created specially for Patrick Wolf. This design is based on the original kite accessorry I made him that is featured on the front cover of "Accident & Emergency" shot by Gered Mankowitz*.
This kite is detachable along with the bows which are individual brooches so you can take the whole thing apart and share it if you like! The other design in a run of 3 has a propeller bow tie brooch which was based on the bi-plane I made Patrick for an i-D shoot with Warren Du Prez & Nick Thornton Jones. These 6 t's and 4 hand drawn owl drawing bags were for sale at Patrick's recent concert at London's palladium. I was finishing making them right up until the last moment before delivering them to see the show. Therefore (as always) I didn't have a chance to photograph them. FORTUNEATLY when I left the venue I had the pleasure of meeting musician Jake Downs who had bought one of my special t-shirts. They were made with LOVE so I'm so chuffed that I have found one of the homes where they have taken up new residency. I asked Jake to take a picture for my records and hey presto, here is the result. These portraits are by Kayleigh Jones and are a fab document of the project.
Head over to Jake's myspace to hear his incredible voice and his blog to keep up to date with his antics........thanks Jake!
Patrick's shop will be going live on his website soon with some of the remaining ten hand-made items and also a range by Ada Zanditon.
*Gered Mankowitz..............needs mentioning here because there are many amazing portraits of his in the NPG exhibition "Beatles to Bowie"............everyone in London, has to go to this show, its is so so so so so so good................Bailey's print of Francois Hardy made me breathless...........the whole show is jammed with original classics and unusual unseen treasures............there are even shots of the 60's fashion designers and some garments including Ossie Clark and Mary Quant!

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miss milki said...

I Love love love this t-shirt! Its wonderful! :) Will you be selling them anywhere by any chance!?