Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Weds 31st March: Tim Walker exhibition opening in Belgium

The third stop on the Walker exhibition expedition is the Knokke-Heisst Foto Festival in Belgium.  Hillman Studio again collaborated with Tim to curate a space to best bring his imagery alive in an interactive 3D environment.  This time a giant skeleton, spitfire and snails were installed amongst the packing crate style display boxes.  
I have always taken it for granted that a museum or gallery are responsible for putting on a show.......but no........I have come to learn that an artist can have complete control and input from the outset.  I suppose we should expect no less from a creative who is fundamentally fastidious and specifically successful for over seeing every element of his photography.  Initial plottings were turned from sketches into a small scale architectural maquette.  From here, the whole construction was orchestrated with the usual team behind Tim's sets  and then shipped over to Belgium.  Existing archive props nestle inbetween these new pieces to give an overall tactile retrospective to complement the prints.  Here you can see Shona Heath's surrealist glove hanging next to Andy Hillman's shot of Aaron knitted cars.  
As before there are Tim's precious sketchbooks opened up for inspection...........e.g original prints of our studiomate Andy Macgregor's first modelling for Tim with pastel powder clouds.  Here is Tim and stylist Jakob K having a peek at the private view and Jacob also looking at one of my personal fave portraits of Patrick Wolf .  

Thanks to Alex Cunningham for the shots from the opening this weekend.

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