Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday April 2nd: VJ Riyo Nemeth

When I went to visit Fifi and Lola at Blood Sweat and Fears I was also drawn to check out another artist at the event - Riyo Nemeth.  Our paths have previously crossed working at Candid Arts (cafe not studio!) but I had no idea what her creations were it turns out they are projected!  I pushed our mutual friend in her direction to ask if she might like to vj these beautiful screen stealer's at my spectrum birthday bash and the good news was yes.  This is why I love going to explore as many different things as possible because there is always a hidden treasure to fall upon.  
Here are Riyo's snaps of the evening..........infact the entire duration of the proceedings for which she patiently sat with her laptop from 9 til 4 to keep the walls lit up with magic from start to finish.  As Jimmy Saville used to say "Dedication's what you need".............and how true of this trooper!
Thank you Riyo!  To check out more of her work click here........... or here 

in this clip I think I can hear Malcolm McLaren "Double Dutch" which Im guessing was played by Callum Turner who kindly came and took over the decks to get the party going..........

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