Monday, 14 June 2010

Mon 14th June: Novero

This is the listen up...........and get ready to answer your calls with your accessories. Novero have invented a novel range of jewellery that has bluetooth technology intergrated into necklaces..............wearable communication. I am so excited by this prospect and this is only the very beginning! The technology that the group have pioneered is so tiny that it can be incased into any wearable devise................and the science is becoming so sophisticated that the components in development are getting even smaller............

"We believe that what we create should be high fashion expressive and individual; we see no reason to stick to conventions. We envisage a world where people will no longer have to adapt to new technology, because new technology will adapt to them."

Novero invited me to the press launch of their first collection "Victoria" at the Red Dot Museum in Essen designed by Sir Norman Forster. This gigantic colliery has been transformed into the world's largest Design Museum and permanent exhibition of 15,000 products! - the perfect place to host a product launch! It was no standard exhibition of gadgets though, as Novero commissioned a performance especially for the event by London based "In Nothing Flat" who cleared the corridors to make way for the site specific show. Here you can see Jessie Rose who spun on silks with her silhouettes caught in light design by Jurgen Strohmayer and here you can also see part of the crane puppet made by director Gareth Martin...............which was opperatd by dancer Naomi Reynolds..........who it turns out knows the girls who are opening up a cafe next to my studio in in 6 degrees of seperation it really isn't possible to go anywhere withought discovering a connection to something closer to of which to come SOON!

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