Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday 23rd July: Anna Hovarth. Report by Emily Beard

Anna Hovarth is a London College of Fashion 2010 graduate. Having grown up in Budapest in an auction house, she was surrounded by a creative environment from an early age (specifically by artists and art dealers). She began her creative career young, when at 16 she became a pupil of the well known
avant-garde artist Janos Fajo.
Her graduation collection was centered on Moholy’s levitating shapes
and his life-long experimentations on transparency: specifically using overlapping
see-through fabrics, and how this created the opportunity to ”mix“ colours. The collection was also inspired by Art Deco fashion designers such as Marti and Anon

Anna and many other students' work were presented unusually in The London College of Fashion Graduate show. The visuals were arranged to allow maximum interaction between the viewer and the information. The curved wall was situated within a darkened room, the portfolios of the graduating students illuminated on giant touch screens.
Viewers could browse the wide variation of courses from a drop down menu, which were then categorized by student.
In an innovative twist to the usual means of presentation, viewers could flag particular work, and even email it to themselves to view at a later date.

Anna Hovarth's Portfolio

Image credits:
design/styling annCHI by Anna Horvath
model Clea Martin @ Storm
photographer Ben Roberts
make-up Elkie Phillips

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