Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Weds July 21st: Backstage at LOVEBOX with NOKI

On Sunday I went backstage at LOVEBOX to help Kim Howells and JJ Hudson with their latest fashion show for NOKI's label NHS. I'm not sure how many times this has happened before but it felt fittingly radical for the notorious NOKI to be shaking up a music festival with a catwalk! It was great fun getting the girls ready behind the scenes........amongst all the bands being ferried in and out on golf buggies inbetween their sets.
The makeup and hair team set up shop in the canteen marquee and a backdrop was erected in the open air for Morgan White to shoot each model as they were dressed. It was a mad rush at the final hurdle as allocated slots for each act were being cut short to fit everyone in before the encore of Grace Jones. We had to pull socks over stilettos as the girls were gathered and put into line to walk. Fortunately the crew comprised of the extended NOKI network who happily mucked in to make the show a seamless success............. if you looked down the list of dressers it was actually a collection of NOKI's collaborators and East London's emerging fashion family.........It was such a fantastic day to unfold with the sun shining hard over the proceedings like a natural lighting rig throwing bursts of colour over the collection.
It didn't matter that I was engaged backstage and missed the rest of the festival as all the action was happening before my eyes at close quarters............its not everyday that Peaches asks you to join her to dance on stage.......... (which I declined as I think my shy nature was misleadingly disguised by my awesome rainbow catsuit from Weareallinone!)

NOKI's diffusion line opened yesterday as a dedicated part of new sustainable concept store "123". 123 Bethnal Green Rd is a pioneering platform to experience a fresh approach to ethically minded fashion with 3 floors of designs........... its amazing location on Brick Lane is gong to make it a portal for accessible and covetable ethical fashion! YES its HERE!

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