Monday, 16 August 2010

Mon 16th Aug: Fashion Social - Can you guess who it is yet?

Once in a blue moon, the fashion designers of London Town peel themselves away from the pattern-cutting table and take a glimpse of the outside world by congregating for an event known as "Fashion Social". Like bunnies caught in headlights, fashion peeps take on the challenge of testing thier social skills by mingling and trade the daily diet of coca cola and cigarettes for a day of ........well er,.......champagne and cigarettes.......and an exceptional slice of Shoreditch House pizza. It is a chance for the cliques to crossover and barriers drop, so that the community can leave the isolation of thier studios and finally meet each other outside of the usual fashion week party circus. One of the stipulations of such a rare occasion is that no press is present to guarantee a relaxed unconfrontational environment. Abiding to the rules I didn't get snap happy but took just a little slice of sartorial sections in a secret squirrel hidden camera type style. So here we have details of the designers garms.........unfortunately I missed getting Mandi Lennard's Nike logo manicure and Bape green plastic gorilla ring AND Judy Blame's yellow Dr. Marten's lace and button broach pinned onto his mustard check suit......... next time!

(1-2: Holly Fulton
, 3-4: Louise Gray, 5: NOKI, 6: Myles Johnson, 7: Tom Ryling)

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