Saturday, 4 December 2010


Bloody hell, Jamie Reid and Clifford Richards are part of the latest Blisters exhibition at London's Print Club. This is big news for me as a big fan of both legends. Their screen print editions of 40 (as with the requirements for the poster show - 40 artists work, retailing at £40) use glow-in-the-dark ink. The theme for this year's concept is "Blackout" which has resulted in every entry incorporating the pastel lime green ink into their design which comes alive when under a UV light. Great idea - shame that Patternity devised it first for their "Tapestry of Dalston" show last year where they totally blacked out the gallery so the print's patterns popped out - the point being all about the contrast of shapes in this particular atmosphere. The technique was achieved by mounting just black & white screen prints back lit with white light and flooded with UV rays on the surface - simple but smart. With only one high street between the two spaces, I can't help but feel a little curious where this glow-in-the-dark poster show garnered its scheme......... a year after the original invention.

However, there is some beautiful work on show/sale so travel to Dalston this weekend to see all works including prolific super star screen printer Chrissie Abbott - a former resident at the club's studio.

Sat 4th & Sun 5th Dec (Public): 12pm-6pm
Unit 3, Millers Avenue, Dalston London E8 2DS Tel: 07837185927

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