Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sun 6th March: The W Project: Anna Garforth

The W Project launches on Tues so for the next few days I will be featuring some of the talented ladies taking part in the exhibition curated to mark International Women's Day. First up is Anna Garforth who works with recycled and natural media to create sustainable artworks - in this case moss..........

"I am creating my piece on site, so I don't really have any work in progress shots, however I do have a view of my floor which is being inhabited by mossy mounds freshly foraged from the wilds of Hackney. I will be using them to create my piece."

To see more of her incredible lettering layered using leaves, quilled and rolled rubbish or newspaper origami heart graffiti to spread love onto the streets......... click Cross Hatchling

To find out who else is participating at the week long group show and who is hosting the evening events, head over to The W Project.

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