Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tues 8th March: Setting up THE W PROJECT for International Women's Day

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day and two incredible London ladies took it upon themselves to curate an exhibition to showcase work by creative females across disciplines to celebrate the occasion. Both Teo Connor and Loren Platt have their own full time practises but set out to take on the challenge to put together this multi-faceted project in their spare time. Im so impressed by their initiative to come up with the idea in the first place and secondly organise the gigantic task! They have designed and manufactured posters, bags and pin badges to run with the identity of their theme "Blessed Are The Art Makers" .......... and balloons which we've been blowing up this morning. The space is coming together with the various participants visiting the beautiful sunlit Russian Club Gallery to install their individual items. Here I've caught Anna Garforth photographing her finished moss composition and Josephine Chime taking a step back to look at her illustration panels. Visit the show to see the all the paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, books and films by artists: Alex Cunningham, Alex Holder, Amy Gwatkin, Anna Garforth, Anna Leader, Anna Margrethe Pedersen, Chrissie Abbott, Elisha Smith-Leverock, Emma Sheridan, Fred Butler, Grace Ladoja, Jaime Perlman, Jasmine Raznahan, Jennie Hancock, Jennifer Crouch, Jeongeun Choi, Jess Willson, Jiggery Pokery, Jo Glover, Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime, Katie Franklin, Kim Longinotto, Lauren Cochrane, Liz Mermin, Lola Peach Baxter, Loren Fillis, Louise Naunton Morgan, Milly Freeman, Molasis, Naomi James, Nina Manandhar, Norma Gaunt, Pilar Munro, Poppy Chancellor, Rosy Nicholas, Ruby Savage, Safia El-Dabi, Sara El Dabi, Sarah Raphael, Shaz Madani, Suzannah Pettigrew, Tara Darby, Vicky Langdon, Vicky Mather
(Preparatory work photos top to bottom: Anna Garforth and Josephine Chime, Tara Darby, Jiggery Pokery, Safia El Dabi, Amy Gwatkin, Elisha Smith-Leverock and I, Alex Cunningham, Loren Fillis, Mary Thrift blowing balloons, me wearing the pin badge from Loren's Tumblr, the posters)

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