Monday, 4 April 2011

Mon 4th April: Fiona Leahy for Louis Vuitton Double Exposure Launch

Here are behind-the-scenes snaps from the team at Fiona Leahy working on the set design for the recent Louis Vuitton event to launch the label's digital film series "Double Exposure". The first artist showcased for the project is Sam Taylor Wood, documented talking about her favourite objects and mementos. This theme inspired Fiona to incorporate ornate objects with the projection for the Bond Street store opening and contrast them with more mundane materials to relate to the context of the conversation. The items were assembled to add texture to the silhouettes to form intricate shadows as if ghosts of memories. To keep uniformity amongst the disparate collection of paraphernalia, the props were dipped in plaster. These were encased in perspex cases on white panels highlighted with flexible white neon for the initial part of the presentation. Later on, a special dinner was held with tables lined with more neon lighting, decorated with Kathy Dalwood busts, plaster dipped tea lights and spring flowers.

"Picture days trawlling around charity shops and a production line of plastering,dipping, spraying ..birds, barbies, mini monuments (big ben, eiffel tower, leaning towr of piza etc) toy soldiers, figurines, dolls furniture, rosettes mini trophies...the list goes on!"

Head over to Fiona's blog to see brilliant photos of a previous Louis Vuitton event – "An Illustrated Dinner" - where illustrator Jo Radcliffe painted paper table cloths .....

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