Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Weds 6th April: Muse by House of Organza

The third collection from the "House Of Organza" collective launched yesterday at the Ella Dror PR Press day entitled "Muse". The inspiration for the brief came from Yves Klein who continuously created works of art from his idiosyncratic blue hue. He applied blue to canvas in different ways to create textures that resulted in subtle changes to the way the colour was perceived . Blue also happens to be the signature shade of Kim Howells who co-curates the project with Lyall, so I can't help wonder this might also have played a part in the decision!!! When I was making my piece I certainly had her in mind which turned out to be giant shoulder pads which she is also famous for flaunting. However, the actual muse for this season is Mr Roy (Roy Anthony Brown) who has previously posed for Juergen Teller. For this venture, Roy responded to the Blue concept by writing a poem and recording his vocal reading out the prose. Replacing visual references to the colour with Mr Roy's description, it has been left to the imagination of the designers to interpret Mr Roy’s vision. We all received his soundbite to inspire the process and 1 meter of canvas to create the final piece which will ultimately be modelled by Roy for a fashion film and exhibition in the Summer. Rosy Nicholas has taken on the identity this time, painting beautiful blue illustrations of mountains and finger prints relating to Roy's poem.

An official website for the "House of Organza" has just gone live as a resource for the three collections to date and biographies of all previous participants. Head over to to have a look through the comprehensive content compiled by Tom Ryling and Emily Beard.

(images: Rosy's illustration, my ruffle extravaganza, Lyall Harkaraia's harness, Dr. NOKI's hood, Piers Atkinson's hat, the installation by Alun Davies for the Ella Dror PR press day with tights on the floor by Patternity)

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