Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tues 26th April: Through The Keyhole with Piers Atkinson

Who could possibly live in a house like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis?

Lets look at the evidence.......
..........framed fashion illustrations, piles of fashion magazines, occasional glittered Andrew Logan ornaments, sequined Ashish curtain, feather boas and dismembered Barbie dolls, wigs and hats from world travels............. and of course archive pieces from the designer's own collection .............. it's Piers Atkinson!!

I love any excuse to nip round to Piers place to get lost in looking though his Kate Bush records, resource of brilliant books, original Zandra Rhodes artwork adorning the walls and general collections of international nik naks. This weekend I got the chance to snap a slice of the atmosphere and asked Piers to explain a couple of his incredible possessions.......

"The amazing Betsy Johnson illustration is by David Downton who gave it to me as a gift - thrilling! He did it for The Daily I did at London Fashion Week.
The Divine photo was a gift from my friend Michael whose friend took it - it was one of the last shots of Divine x"

This time I couldn't help try to capture myself with the moustache on his mirror........ which is more difficult than you might think! The other self portrait here is from last week when Piers generously gifted me one of his past season head pieces with pink blossom and chop sticks.

Its difficult to keep up with amount of press that Piers is getting at the moment between editorials and profiles between the various Vogues ........... with the added bonus of a walking and talking ambassador of Anna Dello Russo who is now synonymous with sporting a trademark pair of cherries......... check out her site for pages of pictures of her wearing every conceivable fruit and sparkling slogans .........

Recent shot in W Magazine - by SØlve SundsbØ, Styled by Lori Goldstein

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