Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thurs 26th May: Quentin Jones vs. CHANEL for Vogue

Quite a few bits of news from Quentin Jones HQ ........... first - the Chanel fashion film commissioned by Vogue has launched, secondly her 2nd animation for CHANEL MAKEUP CONFIDENTIAL has landed and thirdly (as all the best things come in threes)....... Quentin has just joined the home of HALL to sit alongside Juergen Teller, Katie Hillier and Fergus Henderson.
Quentin's painstaking and luminous animation skills were sparked off with a set of props and a ballet dancer to model and literally animate the Chanel garments for this Vogue.TV exclusive. Agata Belcan styled the Spring/Summer 11 collection mixed with a complimentary injection of sportswear, knitwear by Craig Lawrence and a couple of my archive pieces which you can see envelope a 2.55 in the frames. The twinkling firework lights and mirroring movements of Ruby Chadwick's delicate dancer's frame are highlighted with Peter Duffy's "musical box" sound design.

To keep up to date with Quentin's moving image and illustration see her site and see her latest press on German vogue here.

You can see behind the scenes / on set photos from my previous blog post about the making of the film here.

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Anonymous said...

So cool, it seems like Chanel is making a comeback and kicking Prada's butt! They've been pretty hard to beat with all their ads this year, lol.

I love your blog, it's so unique!
Tallulah doll