Friday, 27 May 2011

Sat May 28th: Gwilym Gold's Flesh Freeze

Gwilym Gold Bronze Preview from Gwilym Gold on Vimeo.

I have a funny relationship with new music when I first acquire it - I kind of don't want to listen to it just as much as I cant wait. I know that the first few listens of the unheard material will never sound the same again once I'm familiar with it. The magic of the unknown discovery can only be experienced a few times before its ruined and you can never go back.......... OR can you?! ..........
........In this instance, the shortfall has been addressed by a musician (Gwilym), producer (Lexxx) and scientist (Mick Grierson) who have invented a format for a song to never sound the same twice - "Bronze". Gwilym Gold's solo single "Flesh Freeze" streams thru this software to reconfigure the tune on every play resulting in the lyrics and notes falling in a forever shifting melodic mesh. It will literally be impossible to make the classic mistake of playing a song to death.
I went to see Gwilym perform his new psychedelic repertoire which wafted over me like Aslan's comforting breath and left me feeling distinctly woozy-doozy. The gig was a fascinating format with the crowd very still, silent and transfixed on watching a close-eyed Gwilym play one celestial strain to the next. He was joined on stage by Dave (Invisible 3) who added layers of guitar effects over his samples and keys. The audience comprised of a healthy dose of supporters from Gwilym's London contemporaries of fellow musicians who have all risen through the years of the Golden Silvers clubnight showcase "Bronze Club". Its occasions like this when creatives congregate together to witness something of significance ......... you know its going to fly............

To find out more, I checked in with Gwilym's visual collaborator Colin Henderson to find out about the identity for the new venture.........

"The artwork is presented in a very different way to the traditional notions of album / single artwork. Gwilym and Lexxx have created a piece of software where the song is presented in its own standalone player, so it was about integrating the design and artwork into this.

Here is a snapshot of the player, with Gwilym's logo and also the 'symbol' for the single - which acts as the artwork."

To download "Flesh Freeze" for yourself head over to and to witness the live performance, he is playing How The Light Gets In tonight.
To read past posts on Colin's work for Golden Silvers click here.

(Thanks to Anna for the portrait of Gwilym from Tues night at The Shacklewell Arms)

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