Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tues 31st May: Arnhem Mode Biennale - "Elements" - Bless

Its always a joy to see the work of Bless in different settings and scenarios. At this years Arnhem Mode Biennale they have taken advantage of the large expanse offered to utilise in free reign for an installation. Initially Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag wanted to implement their surreal interior design by creating a labyrinth of string. Experiments were made working with twine but unfortunately the fire risk meant the Health & Safety regulations put a stop to developing this concept. But the limitation was turned into advantage when they discovered a Spanish manufacturer to collaborate with on recreating the illusion in metal. Links are put together by hand to construct chain curtains which meant pixelated images could be recreated in enameled links. Inbetween the hanging hardware images nestle a mix of their integrated and morphed mechanics e.g a vacuum cleaner table or saddle chair. The best part is a car clad in a camel leather outer covering, sewn in panels to replicate the fixtures and fittings of the chassis. Inside the hard looking shell is bouncy foam from a sofa so perhaps its function could end up as a large bean bag to crash out on ..........

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ShoppeAddict said...

YAY!! I'm doing a blog on the leather car BLESS has made. It's so amazing!