Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Weds 1st June: Arnhem Mode Biennale - "Elements" - Nicholas Kirkwood in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation

Having a coffee and enjoying the sun on arriving in Arnhem, I was sat next to a man wearing a Keith Haring T-Shirt. This is a constant coincidence that crops up wherever you travel and a fact about his legacy that I love - it lives on and on in its international omnipresence. I am delighted that Nicholas Kirkwood has collaborated with the Keith Haring Foundation on this project to combine both signature styles in this highly covetable classic capsule collection. I'm sure Keith would have been especially keen on the knee length roller boots! It seems fitting to find new work from the New York legend in conjunction with a British designer in the middle of a European arts festival ........... the mission to share the vision continues .......

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