Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sun June 12th: Yunus & Eliza vs. T.E.E.D

At the close of London Jewellery Week, I bring you an entry on the winners of "The Treasure Designer of the Year Award" - Yunus & Eliza. I have got to know the designers through their collaborations with musician Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs which I first blogged last July when both of our accessories appeared in his video for Garden (styled by Nina Ribena). A year down the line (also picking up the BFC/Elle Talent Launch Pad Award) their latest intricate and incredible headpiece constructed for T.E.E.D is covered in crystals courtesy of Swarovski elements. Here you can watch a documentary clip which recorded the making of the the welded and gem encrusted wearable sculpture. To see the final piece in motion watch the "Trouble" music video here........ and discover your summer sunrise anthem at the same time!

For more news on Yunus & Eliza, follow their timeline on Twitter.
To see the whole kit and caboodle live, get tickets for T.E.E.D's headline show at Scala this Thursday.

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