Thursday 16 June 2011

Thurs 16th June: A Day With Jason Evans

Jason Evans a.k.a The Man From The Daily Nice asked me to take part in a string of guest tutor slots to students on "Photography for Fashion and Advertising at University of Wales, Newport". I spent the day starting with an introduction into my world of prop styling and bespoke accessories to give insight into this facet of the industry. We then concluded the experience with a hands-on workshop for some first hand experience of how tricky it is to pull a rabbit out of a hat when under constraints of limited materials and time. It was great fun and in addition to the colour created in class, I couldn't help snap some of the random hazard tape markings around the art school which looked like Jason might have been responsible for!!! Here is his own collection of Japanese work-men helmets which are not only an incredible facet sculpture shape but a cosmic palette of colours. Here is also a recent example of album artwork executed in Evans signature aptitude and sensitivity of treating and arranging colour. Jason art directed and shot this latest release for The Wild Beasts which is a glorious follow up to the beautiful artwork for Four Tet last year. Keep a look out for posters appearing from the Arctic Monkeys to see yet more of his masterful imagery for music .............

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