Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tues 4th Oct: Studio Music FM

When Rose Blake asked me to put together a playlist for her site Studio Music FM I was in the middle of a hectic deadline ......... but I managed to find the time to do it because its the most fun thing Ive been asked to do!! I LOVE music and the prospect of compiling my favourite sounds to fill studios from the tunes of my own was an exciting challenge. I thought of tonnes of anthems that formulate the soundtrack to my working day and managed to edit it down to a neat top 10 selection which was a perfect and fitting collection to launch yesterday in the glorious sun .......... head over to the site to listen to the mix ......... (See also Tracy Emin, Peter Blake, Rob Ryan, James Long, Anthony Burrill, US etc.)

1) Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
Reminds me of when I first left home to live with friends ………. Freedom and free time at art school………. Good times!

2) Gil Scott Heron – The Bottle
This is what I learnt to dance to when I frequented the “Acid Jazz” nights at Colchester Arts Centre when I was a youngster. Totally timeless and cosmic…..

3) Bjork – I Go Humble
Always motivational to remind myself of what inspired me when I was growing up - to creatie uplifting work …………

4) Storm Queen - Look Right Thru
Recommended to me by the magnificent T.E.E.D ………. this track gets stuck on repeat a lot. The story behind the song is also amazing – the vocalist was discovered singing on the sidewalk in NY ……….. listen to the lyrics and it all becomes apparent……….. a little sentiment to have a reality check.

5) Janelle Monae – Wonderland
An incredible live act full of energy and fun – she’s genuinely having a blast which is contageous. I listen to the whole album from beginning to end ………. It’s a perfect journey ………… but this is the stand out ethereal tune.

6) Malcolm McLaren – Deep In Vogue
Ive only just found out about this incredible classic so I keep playing it to catch up on lost time………… I also like to have a little laugh at the career Im doing instead of getting caught up in the ridiculous stress. I much prefer to fantasise about the aspirationl dreams of “executive realness” from Harlem Vogue balls than the current commerce of the industry.

7) Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle
Always need a daily dose of garage. Between 11-12 we listen to Kisstory ……… it’s a shared passion of a genre with my studio mate Kim Howells. Sometimes we have video battles …….. taking it in turns to play a tune on youtube and out do each other on finding the funniest dance floor filler from back in the day …….

8) Les Rita Mitsouko – Andy
Im addicted to Radio 6. One Christmas I was so lonely working on my own in the studio that the only voices I heard from day to day were the djs. I rang in to be Steve Lamacq’s guest to have someone to talk to! This was the track I chose for my good day / bad day choice.

9) ODB – Shimmy Shimmy ya
This is the song that comes on at the end of the week when its time to put down the paintbrush and pick up a Red Stripe………

10) Massive Attatck – Hym of the Big Wheel
This just puts everything into perspective and sends a shiver down my spine .

Photo of my studio wall from Susie Bubble's preview of my S/S12 collection "Under The Colourful Sea"

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