Monday, 23 January 2012

Mon 23rd Jan: Nike+ Fuel Band launch, NYC at Bartendez

Once we had been synced up with our very own Nike+ Fuel band it was time to put the theory into action and get physical! Still totally in the dark about what the day's activities had in store we looked out of the window of a bus ........... driving out of Manhattan, across the bridge to then deliver us at this Brooklyn destination - Bartendez. Once inside the gymnasium a stopwatch was started and we had to quickly locate our numbered locker and change into a kit awaiting us. My dude's name nominated me with a football kit instead of the ladies svelte spandex, but I didn't mind because I curiously felt more empowered in the boy's attire!
Now to the sporty part .......... it was all about upper body strength and working out the arms with the Bartendez who hyped us up in a frenzy of body slam push ups. This unique practise is built around a combination of military drills, calisthenics and break dancing. After warming up on the floor it was onto the bars and a process of rounds doing chin ups which miraculously I kept up with........ my standard level of fitness did me proud! As our breath got shorter and our heart rate got quicker we could see our Nike+ Fuel points sore up the LED scale on the wrist band. This sense of achievement was echoed with the group motivational chants and hollas following lead from the dexterous dynamic martial arts Bartendez demonstrating how its done. I think we needed to stay in Brooklyn for at least another year on their physical fitness program before getting anywhere near their superior athleticism, but all in all we did well for a bunch of bloggers! Red faced and sweaty we were onto the next installment of the trail and back on the bus to the next surprise pit-stop............

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