Friday, 17 February 2012

Fri 17th Feb: Walter Hugo "A Moment In An Instant World"

The latest exhibition to land from prolific artist Walter Hugo is a mini retrospective of past projects at Shizaru Gallery. Walter has installed his pinhole camera instrumentation at the show so you can see exactly how his glass plate process is set up. If you happened to have missed any of his works before, this is the perfect place to catch up on how the whole idea began and see the different ways it has progressed ........... and if you take a walk round the corner to the gallery at SHOWstudio you can witness the most recent 3D portraits where Walter has exposed straight onto busts of his subjects .......... mind bending and brilliant.......... as always!
(Gemma Cairney and Suzy Pettigrew standing by their portraits)


16 February - 24 March 2012

Reflecting the Bright Lights... from London Sessions Productions on Vimeo.

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