Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sat 8th Feb: London Fashion Week AW12 - Dr.NOKI vs. Kingston 1st yr BA

Saturday was all about masks down at Somerset House from the streetstyle to the SIBLING styling and Dr.NOKI's sustainable project with Kingston University. The designer known for having an unknown face has worked with 1st year students to take a spin on the idea of a ‘Masked Fashion Monster’ and devise a look that "creates an arresting silhouette, stimulating discussion, debate and conversation". The class were paired up in duos to collaborate on the task and given instructions to recycle two existing garments into a totally new design in just four days. From this collection, Dr.NOKI selected a few to be exhibited in the Estethica exhibition at fashion week which you can see here from the launch event. My personal favourite was this rainbow panelled and multi-seamed creation with interactive sleeves by Henry Stanford & Minnie Walker. I think its absolutely brilliant that fashion students are learning the fundamentals of the rag trade (ie. this bubble outfit is inspired by toxic emissions given off by decomposing textile in landfill) meanwhile having the opportunity to showcase a piece of work on schedule! Props to NOKI for his constant crusade and causing a shift in the conciseness of the industry from the grass roots and future generation .......

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