Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thurs 26th April: Andrew Logan Visit

Every season Andrew Logan hosts an open house for customers to visit his working studio space to purchase from the plethera of sparkly accessories that decorate his walls and cluster in his cosmic cabinets.   Its always a joy to visit his magical glasshouse gallery where the sculptures are constantly on the move and switching round.  The other bonus of course is to spend time with the zen soul himself for some anecdotes of the history tied into each piece and be blessed with a spell of his inspirational vibes and uplifting energy.  What a true gem, literally - shining amongst his reflective mirror mosaics.
Visit Andrew's shop in Bermondsey between Wednesday to Saturday and pick up a DVD of the documentary film about his life and Alternative Miss World Competition "The British Guide To Showing Off".   

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Isabel L may said...

I saw Andrew Logan's glasshouse via his interview with StylelikeU, and I can't imagine how magical it must be in person!