Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tues 17th April: Artist Profile - Thomas Petherick


Coming from a props-making background I have first-hand experience of knowing exactly how difficult it is to construct exact objects and the inordinate amount of time too!  If you are a perfectionist this is stretched even further.  Here is the work of Thomas Petherick who fabricates his work to a detailed degree and for this reason I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these incredible beaded jaguar heads.   By referencing the ornate original, he scaled up the skull in core-foam and then mathematically decorated it to perfection with beads, replicating the tiled pattern.  It blows my mind to think how he managed to do this and in a very short space of time, turning round the two pieces in just eight days!  SKILLZ!
I have previously featured Thomas's work on the blog via the headpieces he has collaborated on with Charlie Le Mindu.  It is his handiwork behind the latest collection, captured in the Zoe Hitchen film featuring Princess Julia with lilac and black large sculptural sections of hair.  In addition to these animal masks for Tupac Martir, Thomas has been creating special pieces for various designers, stylists, photographers and directors since graduating from Goldsmiths College last year.  You can see a selection of these when you scroll down his site and above are some shots from his studio space where the magic happens.  To follow future projects coming out, find his Twitter and Tumblr. ................... and see our official commemorative portrait from when Thomas and Charlie took us to The Crazy Horse in Paris on my Tumblr.  

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