Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday June 17th: London Menswear Collections SS13 - Kit Neale

 Kit Neale cracked me up with his first presentation at Fashion East in February and the karaoke video vibe.  This return was yet another hilarious uplifting affair based on all the fun of the fair - in particular British seaside resorts such as Margate and Blackpool.  Prints came in crustacean "forms of nature" and Reebok Classics were customised with neon stripes.  Ben Jones slicked the boys hair in curtains and added alphabet beads of their names in the fringe - for instance here is Elliot!  The  theme-park snake ride was an interesting addition to the Buckingham Palace located Georgian townhouse utilised as the new venue this season.  The collection called "one fing'n'anuvver"  is also a nod to the 80's Acid House scene which I wish could come around again ............. but I guess we need to wait for another heatwave and Summer of Love  ............ and laws to revert to running free reign .......... neither of which available to us at this time......... so Kit made the next best thing by turning his presentation into a mini rave of its own............. 

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