Sunday 5 August 2012

Sunday 5th Aug: BOILER ROOM FIVES '12

Trail blazing music platform Boiler Room aren't content with devoting their lives to streaming live sessions from various portals across the globe - they also congregate weekly in their second alias Boiler Room FC.  The boys who put together the podcasts step outside the dark tardis of the studio for regular Wednesday training sessions on the Olympic - proximate Hommerton football pitch.  Last year was the inaugural Fives tournament gathering teams from record labels to battle off the mics and on the astroturf.  Yesterday the second games took place with an extended league to sixteen teams widening the net* to magazines associated with the music industry.  Desk dwelling editorial teams donned an Umbro kit tailored to their periodical title and did their best to defend the integrity of their publications.  Here are examples of the spectrum of strips chosen by each captain - perhaps an indication of their own specific favourite team!!  The NTS soundstystem belted out bass lines to pump up the spirits of the players having taken on six games for the finalists who battled the last match for the trophy designed by Rosy Nicholas.  Shoreditch retailer Present stole the reigning place from NTS, playing R&S Records and their smallest supporter swooped in to hold the magnificent memento for their mantelpiece.
In addition to sculpting the trophy, Rosy also illustrated and updated the scoreboards on the day, running the pitches with her authoritative "Back Of The Net' foam finger, which could have more aptly read "Shirts Off" according to her intermittent chants!!  The day was all about the boys but cheering from the sidelines were the members of the newly formed Boiler Room FC women's team who are wound up and ready to go next year!  Trisha Lewis, Yewande Pearse and Pia Clarke-Ebrill pictured here, were part of the hype-team behind the decks with Pia playing Prince classics and Marshmello closing on Wiley's "Im Skanking".  Also pictured is the women's team goalie Josephine Chime who headed* up the Sit Down Affair BBQ with 200+ hand made burgers!! To keep the peace and pick up the discarded Red Stripe cans were Loren Platt's team of "Public Service" volunteers who distributed Toby Evans designed memorabilia t-shirts and merch ......... and the most important gift of the day, the bottles of bubbly to the winners who dowsed the crowds with a heavy mist of cava including me and my guest TwoInchPunch who unexpectedly took the brunt of 2 inches of spray!  
Head over to the Boiler RoomFC homepage to read interviews with the players, referees and associates for an inside scoop into this year's contenders......... and keep up to date with progress on the girls squad!!
(* = intended puns)

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