Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday 29th March: Pelicans & Parrots Below

A beautiful new pop-up bar has opened in the basement of Pelicans & Parrots boutique....... which you access by opening an unsuspecting panel out of the changing room upstairs ........ so its quite literally a CS Lewis experience.  The space is decked out like a proper "Rum Shop" with the bar encased in a steel shell shack, stocked with a plethora of cocktail party paraphernalia from paper fruit straws to Pelican twizzle sticks!  The colour-block retro furniture is carried thru to the  feather headdress ornaments and decorations  hand-made my Juliet and her sister.  This is a very exciting addition to the "strip" that is rapidly evolving along Kingsland road in Dalston, and a destination I am looking forward to re-visiting when it next opens the wardrobe door.......
Find out more via their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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