Saturday 27 July 2013

Saturday 27th July: Alex Noble's ‘Pandora’s Box’

A few months ago when I was taking part in a jumble sale, Alex Noble came down to visit me and was very excited to have purchased some robot toy masks.  Now I can see the outcome of what he had in mind and how he has transformed one into a totally cosmic and awesome sculpture.   ‘Creatures From The Kaleidoscope’ is an upcoming exhibition which Alex previewed with this mannequin, unveiling to spectators for one night only on the Viewing Platform at King’s Cross.  The event was titled ‘Pandora’s Box’ as a follow up to an initial fashion film "Color Therapy" as a teaser.  All of these new works are a psychedelic, sci fi discussion on notions of existence, spirituality and its imagery in a branded objectified culture.  The film specifically focuses on the power and energy of colour and patterns, surrealism and psychedelia.

‘Creatures From The Kaleidoscope’, opening this autumn at East London’s Londonewcastle Project Space on Redchuch Street, marks a return for Noble from fashion designer to a multi-disciplined visual artist. Through large-scale artwork, sculpture, installation and performance it takes you on a journey into a visceral aesthetic where science, colour, spirituality and beauty merge into one. Curated by Ryan Lanji, the exhibition will delve deep into the mind of Noble and display his visual stamp, which is steadily becoming iconic in both Fashion and Art.

(photos c/o John Sturrock)

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