Thursday, 25 July 2013

Thurs 25th July: Margot Bowman at Wonderlust, PARIS

Last weekend Margot Bowman joined the TEST PRESENTS takeover of Wonderlust in Paris for a workshop exploring reinvention & appropriation in fashion.  "Breathing new life into old things and using conventional materials in unconventional ways"  was the brief for which Margot invented her own "Symbols for Modern City living" as an exploration of what the modern mythology of urban life looks like.  Screen printed at London's Print Club,  these graphic patches carried tongue-in-cheek messages representing a different good luck aspect  "Love at first site on the metro, Protecting your bike when its locked up outside, The ability to find interesting art openings with free bars & Good luck finding wifi to download attachments and stream content." Margot designed all the patches to be wearable so visitors to the workshop could add them to their clothes bringing this new mythology into their worlds and make it real as we all need a bit of magic to get us through modern city living!!  Here you can see UK Vogue creative director Jamie Perlman with her Free WIFI patch safety-pinned on her bag and Margot on the tools cutting them out.  Louise Gray and Richard Sloan were also in the line-up of the evening's events having been part of the programme before - so if you are in Paris check the agenda for future al-fresco pop-up events and film screenings!

(Photos c/o Els Maple)

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