Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday 15th September: BLOG TAKEOVER Orla Kiely SS14 LFW showcase.

Orla Kiely showcased her adorable safari-esque SS14 collection at Elms Lester Gallery on Saturday.
Before the show started we had a chance to look around the amazingly creative set (designed by James Hattwhich had been purpouse built in the style of a safari camp. Props included animals, grass, trees, an old radio, flasks, mugs and chairs all printed with Orla's signature designs. Every element down to the soundtrack 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight,' echoed the theme of the SS14 collection.
Models appeared from a little door and walked through the room carrying things such as lanterns, nets and jars with insects inside. They brought these onto set and made themselves at home playing records, getting warm by the campfire and interacting with the scenery. It was something straight out of Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' which we believe was Kiely's inspiration for this season.
The looks could be likened to very stylish 70's girl guides wearing details such as cute berets and knee high socks, animal-shaped mini satchels, classic croc embossed leather handbags and patent sandals in bold yellows and oranges. Playful and feminine, the safari style theme continued onto prints which included zebra, navy embroidered rhinos, lions and birds onto clean 70s inspired silhouettes.
Orla very successfully created a wonderful setting, enviroment and experience to showcase her SS14 collection. It was adorable with a wonderfully welcome element of fun.
This has been a blog takeover by Ciara and Nicci from Fred Butler HQ.

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