Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday 17th September: BLOG TAKEOVER - Patternity Studio presents 'Patterns on Screen' LFW S/S14

Photos from Ryan Saradjola

We were very excited to be invited to 'Pattern On Screen' as presented by "Cult Pattern Visionaries" Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham A.K.A PATTERNITY at the Canon presentation space, Somerset House. The event was an exciting and inspiring showcase of past, present and even future films with an exclusive preview of upcoming projects and collaborations. The screening was followed by a short panel discussion and Q&A with fashion film directors  Zoe Hitchen (former first assistant to Nick Knight at SHOWstudio),and Lily Silverton (fashion features editor at POP magazine) discussing how 'pattern' shapes their practice. 
Collaborative films showcased included 'Conscious Pattern' from Zoe Hitchen x Patternity Studio, a film launching Patternity's knitwear collection with Chinti + Parker. Merging pattern with classic knitwear shapes the collection is described as being a wearable celebration of pattern. It is also a visual reminder (and an addition to) the constant presence of pattern in our daily lives, a key directive in the Patternity manifesto:

In 'When Stripes Collide' from Lily Silverton x Patternity, pattern is created through digital multiplication of the model's body. The manipulation of the film to the soundtrack is sharp, the use of monochromatic fashion very bold and striking. A particularly stunning shot is the layering of the model towards the end of the piece; here colour inversion produces a really unusual and almost supernatural image of the body.

'Pattern Power Superstripe' from Plastic Horse is a short animated piece exploring the distortion of stripe. The imagery within this piece is particularly eye-boggling. Pattern has been chopped and reworked into optical illusionary landforms and graphics which visually respond to the soundtrack, each rolling hill swathed in contour stripe.

As well as collaborative work we were also treated to some of Patternity's personally selected inspirational films, one of which was 'Incandescent Meta-morph-incessant' directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock and styled by Kim Howells for our very own Fred Butler. Praised in the introduction for her attention to detail, Fred's fashion film explores pattern and repetition through the purity of paper and paper folding. Shape and silhouettes are developed through Freds ongoing research into the possibilities of origami. 

STREETSHAPES, another film from Zoe Hitchen, was an exclusive preview into a collaboration between Patternity and Pretty Polly. Putting patterns onto legs and creating patterns with said legs (pattern-ception), this fashion film married motion graphics and film with true precision. Katie Hilton, graphics and motion designer from Manchester worked on the motion graphics in this piece; if this is anything to go by then she is certainly one to watch.

The presentation certainly left a lasting impression on our minds. Our journey home proved to be more interesting than usual, spotting endless patterns in what is usually a mundane trek through the city. It would seem that Patternity's objective of increasing awareness of pattern has certainly worked on us.

Our snap on the way home:

This has been a blog takeover from Ciara and Nicci from LFW.

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