Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thurs 10th Oct: Walter Hugo - "Reflecting The Bright Lights"

Having been a massive Walter Hugo fan since the time I discovered his work, I am now massively chuffed and delighted to have joined the subjects of his "Reflecting The Bright Lights" project.  I sat in the long exposure lens of his pin-hole camera which projected my image onto a glass plate.  Straight away the photograph emerged like magic infront of our eyes in the chemicals of the developing tray (see pic above).  Here are Walter and partner Zoniel who invited me to take part in the process which is going to come to its final conclusion next week.  The complete series will be on display as part of his latest show in London, "We Are An Island"

"The show is a collection of my most recent work and also the first ever showing of the finished series Reflecting The Bright Lights, which you sat for, so your portrait will be on show. We are really excited to have all the glass plates finished and shown together!"

The show opens to the public from 16th Oct - 10th November at the Paul Smith Gallery, No.9 Albemarle Street, W1S4BL  

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Above images are a mix of my own and Zoniel's from her blog here.

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