Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday 14th April: NIKE Run Free in Athens, Greece


Here are the photos I took to document my time in Athens last week when Margot Bowman and I were invited by NIKE to host a creative event to launch the new FlyKnit and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the NIKE Free.  These running shoes were invented to mimic the natural motion of bare-foot running which has been used as a technique to improve and quicken pace with athletes.  NIKE developed the existing solid wooden last into an articulated shape to be flexible and move in any direction as a base to design these new concept shoes.  NIKE's Global Creative Director Of Running and designer Sean McDowell came from Portland to explain the story and demonstrate how everyone's foot strike is as unique as their finger print.  Therefore the shoe has been built to mould and move with your precise gait and support your running step.  Margot and I formulated a day of craft activities to demonstrate these features of "natural motion" with a screen-printing workshop, followed with "lightweight strength" illustrated in kite-making with fibreglass rods and ripstop nylon.  We had an incredible venue transformed into a house of hexagon fittings and fixtures to reinforce the message of the hexagonal tessellated sole which gives this dynamic flexibility.  We were also lucky enough to get our own pair and the colour-way that I was designated went perfectly with my new hair colour which I had done for the event.................. see the next post...........

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