Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tuesday 22nd July: Latitude Festival - Day to Night

After cycling to Southwold in Suffolk last Saturday, I returned once again this weekend (by train & car !!) for the annual East Anglia music festival "Latitude".  When I told my nephew about it, he asked if I was going to go to a Longitude festival in 6 months time?!  Good question.......... and the kind of enquiring cheeky humour that would have gone down well at this child-centric festival.  There is a whole field devoted to kids so the weekend's movements are bumper to bumper bugaboos and toddlers worn on shoulders, accessorised with ear defenders.  Dipping in and out of pockets of Pine forests there are hanging neon light sculptures and tree-house cocktail bars; supposedly for after-hours when you have lost the kids.  Also nestling in the woods are mini stages which make up the designated live music showcases.  This is the perfect setting for an intimate gig compared to other larger, more common corporate music festivals.  To put that into perspective, we saw the headline act of Damon Albarn & The Heavy Seas ( with guest Graham Coxon) on big stage but with easy view from the smaller crowd than if it was at Glastonbury or his own tour.  Infact the very back of the main arena has racks of stadium seats so its positively an all-age festival equipped for those who prefer to take a perch!  Brilliant!  My favourite bit was actually hula-hooping in the shade of the helta-scelta, finding myself showing little girls how to do the same ............ so thanks to Marawa for that gift!!!  This festival has lots to discover and acres of space to get lost and explore............ not to mention the beautiful lake and multi-colour BAAAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAA rainbow sheep!

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Katie Antoniou said...

Wasn't it gorgeous?! Was my first Latitude and after Glasto a few weeks ago, I just loves how small and cosy it was. I was giving a talk in the Shed of Stories which was such a cute space in the forest. Want to go back with a kid in tow next year, as the kids' arena had all the best stuff! k X