Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday 15th September: LFW SS15 - Sophia Webster "Jungle Is Massive"

  • Following on from the previous post of Holly Fulton's floral collection but from her Folk inspired theme to another kind of tribal gathering .............. Sophia Webster's "Jungle Is Massive".   A clue to the concept was in the location of London's graffiti tunnel Leake Street and the vaulted arches which set designer Gary Card had turned into a black-lit neon nightclub.  The 170 bpm breakbeats hit you before the colour explosion, c/o Rinse founder Geeneus's remix soundtrack for the presentation.  The blast-from-the-past dancehall classics filtered round the twists and turns of the vignette foliage to draw you in and discover the new species of Sophia's latest designs, camouflaged in the installation.   Petal painted leather heels were perched on the branches of the pixelated exotic plants and models swung around on poles with concealed LED lights flashing from their lips.  I have only just come back from a rave in a Mediterranean forest, so this was a hilarious experience with recent flashbacks but now amongst the fashpack of editors in place of spangled teenagers!!  That's why I love Sophia's shows, because they are always an immersive and all-consuming concept that transports you to somewhere outside the schedule's remit of runways.  I confess to shimmying to SHY FX whilst shoulder-to-shoulder with the scrum of stylists, all trying to snap the latest leopard print peep-toes.  And why not!  After all Sophia's shoes were designed for fun times and will definitely end up on some dancefloors after they've hit the stores!  (All snaps from yesterday's presentation and a portrait of set designer Gary Card outside the venue) See last season's show here.    

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