Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday 18th September: The Aram Gallery's "Future Stars?" - The London Design Festival

As part of my sleuthing around the city discovering the pockets of presentations in The London Design Festival I visited The Aram Gallery not far from Somerset House.  Perfect location near Fashion Week for these selected designers in the gallery's "Future Stars?" showcase.  The work exhibited was absolutely gorgeous with pieces that I would LOVE to have decorating my home, hands and feet!  A really fantastic collection of graphic shapes by different designers but with a cohesive style that sat together perfectly as one story for "Future Stars?" - no question mark needed......
Top to bottom:  Kim Thome's "Layer Screens" , Lola Lely's " Ply Leather Side Tables, Cat Potter's "Freja" shoes,  Maria Jeglinska's "Drawn Objects" & "The Little Black", Sophie Thomas "Planet" jewellery.
(All photos by me except last snap of me snapping from The Aram Gallery's Instagram)

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