Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday 18th May: Walter & Zoniel Wedding Day

I had the honour of being asked to conjure up the cosmic headdresses for Walter & Zoniel's May Day Queen bridesmaids.  Zoniel gave me free-reign but wanted a surreal theme and specifically eyeballs in flowers!  So I made tiny planets and integrated eyes into these - spooky magic!  Here's Millie Brown snapped by Grace LaDoja on the beach where the ceremonies took place as part of the day's order.  When Zoniel appeared in her dress and veil, she graced the congregation like a goddess appearing from another dimension.  It was constructed by the master knitter Craig Lawrence who crocheted emblems into the body - with an eye at the heart's centre.  Absolutely incredible!!!!  Head over to Grace's Instagram to see more pics of the complete outfit.  
Follow Walter and Zoniel's adventures on their page, including an event at Tate Britain on the day before their wedding and taking part in the Venice Biennial the following days after!!!!
(From top to bottom:  bridesmaids & guest by the beach huts, the astral wedding cake, the bride herself, my Butler's Dozen batch of headdresses delivered in cake boxes)

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