Friday, 15 May 2015

Friday 15th May: Lazy Oaf & JuJu

Doing my bit for supporting Independent British brands, I put my new Lazy Oaf shirt on and headed down to their Juju Jelly Shoe collaboration launch.  The shop had been decked out in wibbly wobbly pastel blumanche props by Bombas & Parr for spectators to investigatively prod into motion like beached jelly fish.  I drank an aqua sea colour Japanese beer which turned my lips to an attractive blue hue.  Lazy Oaf know how to throw a party and take you right back to feeling like your 5 year-old self, going ballistic from number E's and Fizz.  Not to mention the goody bags at the end with jelly beans and their new keyrings inscribed with "Don't Lose Your Shit!".  Thanks LazyOaf!

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