Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday 14th May: Record Store Day 2015

Wow,  I have so much to catch up on!  Since running the marathon nearly three weeks ago I have had a marathon of deadlines.  Just taking a breather now to catch up.  So much can happen in such a short space of time.  Especially in the current climate of bulldozing going on at every other block in London at the moment.  As I cycle around I can't believe what a swift shift I am witnessing and not recognising familiar streets.  It's like watching the sound bar display on an amp, with columns quickly falling down and shooting up.  The weekend before the marathon I went to the parties around Berwick Street for Record Store Day.  The following week I go back to buy some vinyl to find that half of the road has been shut down for re-development with my favourite shop packed up and gone.  How the hell can this happen?  It's as if we had unwittingly buried it alive and danced on the grave.  I can't cope anymore.  Even more reason to look forward to next year's annual festivities to celebrate what is still surviving.  
Despite not clocking that Fourtet was on his way to play in-store at Phonica when he was chatting outside ............  I didn't miss any of the action at neighbouring Sounds Of The Universe where I stayed all day until the police shut it down mid Mr.Thing.  Is there a theme occurring here ............ LondonTownIsClosingDown 

Listen here to hear SOTU's manager Nicole McKenzie and DJ from the day, Alexander Nut join DJ History Bill Brewster and Discogs founder Kevin Lewandowski to discuss "Has the internet ruined the joy of record collecting?" in a new podcast series from The Vinyl Factory (Phonica).  

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