Saturday, 28 May 2016

Saturday 28th May: Louisiana, Modern Art Museum, Copenhagen: Part 3

Leading on from the Carlos Cruz-Diez "Chromosaturation" specially installed for the show "Eye Attatck" to the rest of the exhibition.  The current temporary exhibition at Copenhagen's modern art museum Louisiana tells the story of Op-Art and Kenetic Art from 1950 -1970.  It's a magnificent collection from the movement, including Bridget Riley's incredible lines that seem to move before your eyes .............. hence the title "Eye Attatck".  Its a chance to really appreciate her genius amongst the work of her contemporaries.  This section of optical patterns morph into a collection of 3D canvases with textures that add depth to the shapes.  The final part holds a myriad of moving sculptures that twist light and line to bring the warped aesthetic to life.

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