Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday 26th May: Louisiana, Modern Art Museum, Copenhagen: Part 2

The best thing about the whole Louisiana museum for me was this cosmic installation that is part of the current "Eye Attack" Op-Art show.  Carlos Cruz-Diez has covered a glass atrium in colour gels to create a new version of his "Chromosaturation" (1965) that plays with your perception of spectrum in light.  You could walk straight thru and only notice the red, green and blue sections but if you wait a while for your eyes to adjust, then an entire rainbow of hues is visible on the floor.  I cant understand how it works but I saw it with my own eyes and any house of my own is just going to be a massive disappointment after witnessing this.  The construction appears misleadingly simple but the outcome is miraculous.   I feel so lucky that I found the museum for the first time to catch this temporary piece.

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