Thursday, 25 May 2017

Thursday 25th May: "The Selby House" at The Daelim Museum, Seoul

Here are images sent to me by The Selby who currently has his first solo show in Seoul, Korea at Daelim Museum until October.  Within the four floors of galleries is a photography exhibition from his book "Fashionable Selby" which includes a wall of images from my piece in the story!  I'm so chuffed to be included in the showcase and pleased to be situated alongside fellow colour lover Andrew Logan.  It's an absolutely brilliant book documenting international artists within their creative spaces and makes perfect sense to now be on view at a new city such as Seoul!  If only I could see it in person but luckily we have these shots as a glimpse at the display and exterior of the museum covered in his illustrations.  The range of sculptures, dioramas and installations look awesome so visit if you can!

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