Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday 23rd May: Urban Village Fete 2017

This year I travelled to the Urban Village Fete by bike with Wayne Hemingway via an organised ride for the event with bike charity Sustruns.  I won a ballot place to meet the event organiser (Hemingway Design) at St.Pauls Cathedral and cycle across East London to the Greenwich Peninsula by taking the Emirates Airline cable car.  I have never been on this novel mode of transport before so it was a great experience to rise above the river in this futuristic lift, whilst still in the company of my bike!
Just like last year the day was beautifully hot and sunny from start to finish with Gilles Peterson wrapping up the free festival with a 3 hour DJ set.  I absolutely love London events when they are organised to bring communities together to invite and unite a completely all-inclusive audience.  These moments need to happen more often and that's why I've been looking forward to it so much since last year.  Even the skyline has been considered at the Peninsula by commissioning artist Morag Myerscough to paint the cranes a spectrum palette of multicolour-block paint.  
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(thanks to Magda for the backstage photo of Gilles)

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