Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tuesday 6th June (06!): After 6pm

Q:  What would you recommend doing at around 6pm in London?

A:  Find a Happy Hour in a nice bar to sit down with a copy of Time Out to scan the event listings.  It's an excellent immediate resource of reliable recommendations to make a good start!  Look for a gallery or museum late-night opening / store opening / restaurant launch / gig / clubnight.  It's possible on any night of the week to find somewhere to go for free culture, drinks and even food if you're lucky enough.  You just have to do a little research!

Q:  What did you get up to before the shoot?
A:  I ran the Hackney Half Marathon and then went to the pub for a roast dinner to watch the Tottenham Vs. Arsenal London Derby football match - a classic contradictory London Sunday! 

Q:   What are your plans for the evening? And with whom are you planning to spend time with?

A:  Its the end of the bank holiday so I have to stay in and do last minute homework!   But a typical example of a night out was last Thursday when Eglo Records did an instore gig at Carhartt, then onto a launch for Converse / NIKE Flyknit with a performance by Yungen before finishing off at a film screening and club night curated by NTS Radio for KENZO.  3 separate venues, 3 separate neighbourhoods, 6 brands, 1 night!

Photography & interview by Shin Hye Lee

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