Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wednesday 7th June: Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Show 2017, Xiao Ming

As you can probably tell, THIS WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE.  

I've never seen anything like this before and that is exactly the quality I'm looking for at Graduate Fashion Week.  Xiao Ming's collection defies any description and although worn on a body is not in any way definable as a garment.  It's surface pattern applied to skin.  It's textile art in motion.  It's a glorious colour palette and an engineering technique that I can't place.  Like giant paper-cuts but as shiny as silk with a sharp sheen sliced and placed together.  It's not woven from warp and weft but links like loops of knit in radical new shapes.  It's kind of sci-fi but not recognisable from any source or reference.  It's totally new, fresh and turning fashion design upside down, inside-out and stuck on with tape.  Its Xiao Ming.

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