Thursday, 3 May 2018

Thursday 3rd April: NOW Gallery - "Harmonics In Space" official photos Part 2

Here it is!  The final official photographs of my show "Harmonics In Space" = my destination for healing inspired by Rudolph Laban’s theory with exhibition design by Install Archive . Every minute detail from the steel brackets to the enormity of the dichroic screen, through to the electronics of the lighting and motion was invented, developed and fabricated by Lee. He suggested we interpret my origami in card for this massive scale to keep the quality of craft. He read my mind from day one and took it to a new dimension I didn’t know was possible. The other-world I’m always aiming to create landed like a psychedelic meteorite shower at Now Gallery.

Thanks to Charles Emerson for going beyond the call of duty in putting in extra hours to capture the installation over all the variations of light from dawn to dusk.  Thanks also to Hester Connell who hid herself within the installation during the night shoot to keep on the lights by crouching on the trigger panels.

To read more into my concept / manifesto for the show, head over to the gallery website for a breakdown of each element here.  This includes: SHAPE, COLOUR, LIGHT, MAKE, LISTEN, BE.

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