Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wednesday 13th June: Peckham Levels Open Studios

2017 ended at Peckham Levels with the Worldwide Christmas Party at Ghost Notes and Vegan Meze from Nandine.  I haven't been able to stay away since.  I've ventured south of the river on numerous occasions for the different openings of each floor as the development has come together.  Another recent exceptional night was a one-off gig with the two-piece of Tony Allen and Amp Fiddler (and surprise guest appearance of Damon Albarn on the keys).
On Friday night all of the seven levels came together for one monumental open studios with the warrens of creative hubs propping their doors ajar for the general public to peek in.  Each business within the social enterprise dedicate allotted hours to open access by offering their services to the local community, so this was a chance to get know the residents.   I found music producers with mixing desks, photography dark rooms for developing film and exposing prints, jewellers, textile & fashion designers, ceramicists, embroiderers, 3D model makers and even a string instrument carpenter.  This was my personal favourite as he literally carves violins and cellos from blocks of wood!!!
Pictured here is also WAH! Nails hosting a pop-up salon within Cahoonas Hair Hub and the original architectural drawings for the award-winning spectrum stairwell by AO Architecture.  I've also included a photo of local artist Katrina Adams mural at nearby Copeland Park as her artwork is included in Flock boutique within Peckham Levels.  Head over to their online shop to see more! 

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